Stuart Teaches How to Play the Native American Indian Flute

Learn to Play the Native American Flute
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Stuart provides private, individual teaching and class training on the Native American Flute. Students may purchase inexpensive "student" flutes, or rent flutes for the duration of the class.

For individuals wishing to obtain their first flute, Stuart offers a combination of a new Native American Indian-style flute and two 30 minute lessons for $100. The flute is made by senior flute maker Butch Hall, and is a High A cedar flute with a turquoise stone set at the top. This flute is an excellent starter flute and will last a lifetime of flute playing! The lessons are spaced 2-3 weeks apart allowing the student to practice the basics taught in the first lesson, and move to the next level with the second lesson.

Stuart offers a 6-10 class curriculum, after which students will be able to play 10-12 songs, and be proficient in many techniques and "tricks" of the Native American Flute. Stuart customizes classes to meet student needs, and can provide introductory and advanced playing techniques, performance guidelines, recording techniques, and flute music sharing approaches. He also teaches in recreation centers and for local adult education centers.

View a sample class curriculum.

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