Introduction to the Native American Flute


1)                   Class 1: Origins, history, and current trends

a.        The Native American Courting Flute (NAF)

b.        The various scales

                                                               i.      Penatonic Scale

                                                              ii.      Diatonic Scale

                                                            iii.      Major Scale

c.        5 versus 6 hole flutes

d.        Materials and implementations

                                                               i.      Assembly component alternatives

1.        Main tube

2.        Bird/fetish

3.        Adornments

4.        The flute case

                                                              ii.      Different Flute Types and Keys

1.        Bass flutes

2.        Mid range

3.        High

                                                            iii.      The drone (2 and 3 tubes)

e.        The NAF in today’s North American cultures

f.         Practice Song 1

2)                   Class 2: Acquiring and Owning a Native American Flute:  Part 1

a.        How to purchase a flute

                                                               i.      Sources

                                                              ii.      Purchasing considerations

                                                            iii.      How much to spend

                                                            iv.      What NAF to buy first

b.        Practice Song 2 and practice exercises

3)                   Class 3: Acquiring and Owning a Native American Flute:  Part 2

a.        How to make a NAF (a separate course includes making a flute)

                                                               i.      Wood Kits

                                                              ii.      Plastic kits

                                                            iii.      Starting with a block of wood

                                                            iv.      Starting with a Bamboo section

                                                              v.      Starting with an ABS plastic tube

b.        How to care for your flute(s)

c.        Practice Song 3

4)                   Class 3: Playing the Native American Flute

a.        Reading and transcribing flute music

                                                               i.      Standard fingering charts

                                                              ii.      Nakai Tablature

b.        Several sample songs

c.        Practice exercises

d.        Playing from the heart

5)                   Classes 4, 5 and 6: Playing the Native American Flute

a.        More advanced practice songs

6)                   Classes 7 and 8: Performing with the NAF

a.        What is a Flute Circle?

b.        Solo performance considerations – practice sessions

c.        Duet performance considerations – practice sessions

d.        Adding other instruments – adding drum and guitar sessions

e.        Venues and amplification

7)                   Classes 9 and 10: Recording with the NAF

a.        Introduction to sound capture

b.        The recording studio

c.        Making your own CD

d.        Live Recording Session


Please note, these classes can be adjusted and conducted in four to six 11/2 to 2 hour sessions – depending on the needs of the students


© Stuart Hill 2004